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Alan Kistler's Musings and Fan-Fiction

a pocket universe of imagination and absurdity

Alan Kistler
25 January 1982
Alan P. Kistler (known to many friends as "Sizzler") has been recognized by Warner Bros. Pictures as a "comic book historian", a title he got due mostly to his articles and history essays on the links between comic books and American society/history and mythology. Many of these pieces can be found at KistlerUniverse.com. He is also a paid writer/reviewer for ComicMix.com.

Alan Kistler has appeared as a comic book historian in documentaries featured on the direct-to-DVD animated film JUSTICE LEAGUE: The New Frontier and on the DVD collection of "The Adventures of Aquaman". He has also made appearances on the TV mini-series "Ten Great Reasons", broadcast on FUSE TV. In the book WEBSLINGER: Unauthorized Essays on Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, contributing author Michael A. Burstein references Alan Kistler in his sources.

Alan Kistler is a would-be writer/film-maker whose short films include the comedy series COFFEE AND DONUTS: PRIVATE EYES!, which has a small but beloved following in New York, Boston and D.C. He loves editing, acting and writing. Kistler hopes one day to be a published sci-fi/fantasy/comic book writer. He is not someone who backs down to authority if he believes he is right. He is not a vegetarian by any means nor does he believe the song "Safety Dance" is as safe as advertised. He is not a bartender, as some believe, nor does he own a bar, as he is often asked. He is a dreamer. And he is, most of the time, a nice guy (albeit a sarcastic one).

Alan Kistler very much wants to explore time and space and hopes one day to steal a TARDIS from a repair shop in typical Doctor fashion. He doesn't think this is a foolish desire. Some people think he's a bit cynical, but they'll probably die first. He also has a strange fondness for some of the TV shows featured on Nickelodeon such as iCarly and the Naked Brothers Band.

"I can't be right for somebody else if I'm not right for me. I've gotta be me." - Sammy Davis, Jr.

"I hope that you live to be a thousand years old ... and that the last voice you hear is mine." - Frank Sinatra

"There's no point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes." - the 4th Doctor (Doctor Who)

"Life's like a movie. Write your own ending ..." - Kermit the Frog

"I can't make your dream come true forever, but I can make it come true TODAY." - The 8th Doctor (Doctor Who)

And just for fun ...

Your results:
You are James T. Kirk (Captain)
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Deanna Troi
Will Riker
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Jean-Luc Picard
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Scott
Mr. Sulu
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Beverly Crusher
You are often exaggerated and over-the-top
in your speech and expressions.
You are a romantic at heart and a natural leader.

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You scored as The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann). The Eighth Doctor struck a chord with you after only one adventure. Maybe you are a fan of his audio adventures, or you just came to Dr Who quite late. Hope it wasn't just the special effects that impressed you.


The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)


The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)


The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)


The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)


The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)


The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)


The First Doctor (William Hartnell)


The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson)


The Ninth Doctor (Christoper Eccleston)


Which Doctor Who are you?
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And yet looking at the whole "whoniverse", I'm told that the guy I'm closest to is:

You scored as Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. You are Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart! Confident, intensely moral, sensible and practical, you are able to interact with people of vast egos. Some may mistakenly think you are out of control of a situation, but you usually have things well in hand and don't behave in order to win praise from others. You have your own values and you are comfortable withg them and true to them.


Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart


Jo Grant


Sgt. Benton


Captain Mike Yates


Doctor Who (Third Doctor)


The Master


Which Doctor Who Character are you?
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